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5 Monsoon Beauty Essentials You Must Carry in Your Handbag

The rainy season is beautiful. 

However, it is also worth understanding that this beautiful weather comes with some inconveniences. Especially when it concerns our beauty and aesthetics, the humidity is prone to messing with our looks. Nothing that can’t be fixed in a jiffy, though! 

With the monsoon season just around the corner, it is time we get equipped to deal with the beauty challenges that the weather brings with it. Here is a list of beauty essentials you must carry in your handbag during the rainy season.

Gentle Cleanser

It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman, you should have a gentle face cleanser upon you at all times.

The humidity in monsoon tends to make the skin oilier than usual. This one product can instantly freshen you up by removing all the dirt, grime, and sweat that might be accumulated on your face outdoors. As a result, it will prevent all sorts of acne and blackheads from making a home on your face. 

That being said, it is important to use only a gentle cleanser when you’re regularly going to wash your face during the day. Harsh cleansers strip your face of natural oils and leave it tight and dehydrated. A gentle cleanser, on the other hand, will do the job without disrupting the skin barrier. 

Hair Serum

Might seem an unusual pick for a handbag, but it will come in handy if you wish to rock smooth hair all day. 

Our hair does not co-operate during the rainy weather. No matter how you style it, the humidity will take its toll and make the hair all frizzy. 

Enter the hair serum. 

As soon as you’ve reached your destination. Pump a coin-sized amount of hair serum into your palms and apply it to the lengths of your hair. Voila, as good as new!

Wet Tissues

This versatile item will solve half your problems in this icky weather. 

Have smudged makeup? Fold a wet tissue on the edge of your fingers and precisely clean any mess.

Sweaty hands and neck? Swipe these over the area to freshen up.

Your phone fell in the puddle? Clean and disinfect with this multipurpose tissue.

Out of toilet paper? Wet tissues to the rescue! 

(Okay, this might be a stretch but you get the point)

Lip & Cheek Tint

There’s no point in spending X amount of time getting dolled up for the day when it’s supposed to rain outside. Unless of course, you use 100% waterproof makeup.

However, that does not mean that girls cannot have some color on their faces at all. One product that will withstand any climate change, is a tint. 

A lip and cheek tint is the perfect product to carry around to instantly liven up your complexion. The best part about a tint is that it can be used in multiple ways – as a blush, on the lips, or to add some shadow to your eyes. It looks subtle and lasts all day long. Win-win.

Body Mist

The last in our list, but perhaps the number 1 essential for rainy days. 

A body mist is a must-have at all times in humid weather. To combat the icky odour, spray a few pumps of a fresh-scented body mist every couple of hours. 

Pro-tip: The body mist can double up as a room freshener when a closed space starts feeling suffocating. 


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