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What is Fermented Skincare, and What are the Benefits of Using it?

Are you tired of using an ungodly amount of chemicals that you’re not even sure what they’re made of? Some of these products can be harsh on the skin and heavy on the pocket. But skincare is essential as well. So, is there a way out? 

Well, you’re going to love the concept of fermented skincare. 

All the ingredients that are essential for your skin are mainly organic. Most of the skincare products you use in your daily life have synthetically made ingredients or alternatives. However, fermented skincare products are free from all synthetic chemicals, which promises effectiveness and safety for your skin. 

What Is Fermented Skincare?

Fermented skincare products comprise of products made up of edibles that can be naturally fermented, like fruits, herbs and yeast. Through the process of fermentation, these substances are turned into moisturizers and serums for the skin. These products are significant for increasing the absorbing characteristic of the skin, making it healthier and tighter.

Benefits of Using Fermented Skincare

  • Fermented skincare products increase the amount of antioxidants on the skin. These antioxidants shield the skin from various other problems like ageing, acne, wrinkles, and the like.
  • Collagen production is multiplied. Collagen is an important component of the skin that makes it elastic and soft. Fermented products boost the production of collagen under the skin due to which skin texture improves significantly.
  • Breakouts and inflammation are eased through fermented skincare. It hydrates the skin thoroughly, due to which a lot of your skin troubles are resolved before they are born.

Why Would You Choose Fermented Skincare Over Any Other?

Fermented skincare is the most reliable way out of chemical-packed skincare. It consists of 100% organic ingredients that won’t harm the skin, instead, you will see a healthy difference after two weeks of use. 

Tips Before Shifting to Fermented Skincare

Know Your Skin Type

Before buying any skincare product, you should always know your skin type. 

The best way to know your skin is by closely studying your skin issues. Does your skin react to new products? Is it naturally oily, or dry? What ingredients does it love, and which ones cause breakouts?

Play Safe

There is an easier and cheaper way to know if fermented skincare will suit your skin or not – DIY some at home! 

Try making a face mask by mixing yoghurt and fermented fruits, apply it for 10-15 minutes and see if it suits you. If so, then you’ll benefit by investing in professionally curated and preserved fermented skincare.

Do Your Research

These products will be quite expensive. Therefore, do your research before purchasing it. Read user reviews or consult with a dermatologist for remarks about a product.


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