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Premature Hair Greying – Here’s How to Overcome it 

Hair issues can be stressful if you don’t have a way to deal with them. Thankfully, in today’s world of advancements, we have a cure for just about anything. 

A lot of people take the roads of surgical and cosmetic needles to foster their troubles, but is it really worth it? Do these treatments ensure that the problem won’t come back? 

Greying of hair has become a common problem faced by men and women of any age. Usually, with age, it is normal for your hair color to change but people in their 20s have been observed to have white strands, too. This is known as premature hair greying, and it is a growing concern of the younger generation.

Causes of Premature Hair Greying

In order to deduce a way out of premature hair greying, we should first know what are the factors that cause it. For many people, PHG is a genetically inherited trait, so not much can be done about it.  Other causes include pollution and excessive exposure to smoke. Deficiency in diet and stress can also trigger greying of hair at an early age.

How to Overcome Premature Hair Greying

So what can be done about it? Is there a way to combat premature hair greying? Can you delay or eliminate the chances of PHG? 

The answer is Yes. Here are some solutions to help you overcome this pesty problem. 

Don’t Use Harsh Shampoos

Your shampoo can have an impact on your hair health. Your scalp is likely to react to the products you apply to it. Therefore, excessive usage of a harsh shampoo, which is full of harmful chemicals, can potentially damage your hair follicles and also affect your hair growth. If you have grey hair or are likely to get it any time soon, stop using harsh shampoos, if you do use them, that is. Consult a dermatologist to prescribe you a milder, more suitable shampoo and prefer washing your hair as less as you can.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause premature hair greying at a very young age. Exposure to environmental smoke can deteriorate hair condition and can even cause fading of your hair colour. Also, an increased amount of carbon dioxide in your blood can hinder the production of melanin for hair colour. This means that your natural hair color will face difficulty renewing itself. 

Use Clean Water to Wash Your Hair

Many of our hair problems are due to the use of contaminated water to wash our hair. Many toxins are present in the tap water, and if we excessively keep using that water to wash our hair, it can damage the hair to an extent that we can also lose our hair colour. 

Avoid using polluted water to wash your hair if you have grey hair or are prone to this condition because of your genetics.

Increase Consumption of Vitamins

The deficiency of vitamins and minerals causes disturbance in the production of hormones in the body. There’s a chance that you could lose your natural hair colour due to that. 

To level up the vitamin ratio in your body, you should consume enough vitamins in your diet either via food or supplements. Vitamin gummies are specially designed to act as supplements for adults. Amla is also good for your hair, and amla gummies can work as a 360 solution for all your hair troubles. 


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