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What are Pimple Patches and How Do They Work?

All of us can relate to uninvited guests aka pimples on our faces just before an important event.  You may be flaunting clear skin all week around and just before the main day, you wake up with a pimple to ruin your day. It is here that the urge to pop that nasty little zit is the highest. Most of the time it requires all our self-control to resist the urge of popping it. However, many times we succumb to the pressure and cave in by popping that pimple, being well aware that this act is so not recommended by dermatologists.

So, what do you do? How do you banish these pimples without wreaking havoc on your skin? Don’t fret, Pimple Patches are here to save the day.

What are Pimple Patches and How Do They Work?

Pimple or Acne Patches are hydrocolloid patches that function by boosting the natural healing process of the skin. It absorbs all extra fluid such as pus or oil which is commonly associated with acne. It also acts as a physical barrier between the environment and your skin thus protecting it from bacteria, germs, and especially your hands. So if you have a habit of unnecessarily touching your pimples, pimple patches will be your best friend!

The hydrocolloid used in pimple patches is usually an ingredient used in the dressing of chronic wounds or inflammation. It protects the wound from dirt, bacteria, and irritation by forming a sterile environment and at the same time absorbs pus and toxins from the skin. When applied to acne it performs the same way –  it makes acne heal faster without leaving a scar.

How to Use Pimple Patches

Pimple patches are really convenient, all you have to do is stick the hydrocolloid patch on a fully-formed pimple. Make sure that the skin is clean and just paste the pimple patch on the area and leave it alone.

These patches are translucent. Hence, if done expertly, you can also do makeup over them (although that is not recommended). As they are translucent, it covers the redness pretty well without being visible to foreign eyes, allowing you the freedom to go out bare-faced as well.

Acne patches are the rave nowadays. They are now not only limited to translucent patches but come in different shapes. It is fun to stick these shapes on your face, knowing that once you remove them, your nightmare will be over. The best part? They come in various sizes to cover pimples of all magnitude. 

The Drawback to Pimple Patches

It is also important to remember that while a pimple patch is a quick fix, it does not prevent new pimples from forming. While these might be great for individual pimples, they might not be as effective for a full face of acne. Pimple patches are only effective for pimples and open pores, but when it comes to blackheads and whiteheads, these are of not much use.


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