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How Do Hair Serums Help Make Your Scalp (and Hair) Healthier?

A lot of our daily life actions like excessive stay under the sun, lack of water intake for prolonged periods, or regular consumption of unhealthy foods have a reversed effect on our body. One of the problems that these actions cause is damaged hair. You know there’s a problem when with a stroke of your brush, a handful of your hair comes out. 

So what should we do? Aren’t any haircare products reliable? How do I make sure my hair and scalp are healthy?

As always, we’re here to save the day! In this blog post, we’re going to discuss whether or not hair serums are helpful for your hair and how to use them in order to make sure you’re not damaging your hair.

What are Hair Serums?

A hair serum is a liquid-based haircare product that is applied to provide a protective layer over your hair so that it is not affected by pollution, the heat of your hair styling appliances, and other products. Think of it as what toothpaste is for your teeth or what sunscreen does for your face. Hair serums also give your hair a shiny, non-greasy appearance in light. 

Are Hair Serums Helpful?

Researchers suggest that hair serums fill in the lipid loss due to which cuticular damage is prevented. Hair serums with maximum protein constituents are helpful for the scalp and hereby don’t hurt your hair.

How do I Find the Right Serum for My Hair Type?

Before looking for the right product, you need to first recognize your hair type in order to match the suitable ingredients to treat your hair problems. 

  • If you have dry and frizzy hair, consider going for hydrating ingredients such as Rosewood and Castor
  • Thick hair is a struggle to deal with. For it, you should go for serums that have Argan oil and Moroccan oil.
  • Coconut oil and Green tea extracts are very beneficial for those who dye their hair.
  • Split ends make your hair weak and they’re more likely to break down sooner than healthier hair. Keratin is the ideal ingredient for your hair type.

What are the Steps to Applying Hair Serum for Better Results?

  • To apply the hair serum, your hair should be freshly washed and damp without any grease or oil residue on it.
  • Take a couple of drops of the hair serum in your palm and let it sit there for 5 to 10 seconds before you apply it to your hair.
  • Start by the bottom and make your way upwards to the mid-length of your hair. Don’t continue it till the roots. It makes the scalp look greasy and oily.
  • Make sure you’re not over-applying the product. Anything applied in an excessive amount can cause damage.
  • Serum application is not suggested every day because it can tend to weaken your hair. However, in the case of extreme frizz, oil-based serums can be used daily.


We hope this post helped you get your head around hair serums and their importance. Before the application, figuring out your hair type is important. Hair serums should only be applied to the shafts of your hair and not to the roots. However, if you face any side effects of a certain product on your scalp, quit the product and consult a dermatologist.


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