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4 Important Tips to Level up Your Manicure At Home

A little pampering is important. Whether it’s a brunch from your favorite place or a bubble bath after a long day with soft music. Giving yourself a manicure is also a great way in which most people like to express care and self-love. While some like to have their nail game on point by spending hundreds of dollars at the salon, others like to do it themselves for one reason or another

At-home manicures are much cheaper, more hygienic, and allow freedom of convenience. You won’t need to worry about salon availability, and you can also call your girlfriends over and call it a date!

In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 ways by which you can totally rock your manicure game. Don’t worry about the budget, your at-home manicure is going to cost you way less than your visit to the nail parlor. All you need is a manicure tool kit.

Tools You Will Need for At-Home Manicure

  • A buffer
  • A filer
  • A cuticle stick
  • Clippers
  • Nail polish remover 
  • Hand exfoliator 
  • Cuticle oil
  • Hand lotion

These are the required tools for your manicure. As for the ambience, you can play your favorite music and sip on a glass of frappe for ultimate relaxation.

Essential Tips for Your At-Home Manicure

Prep is Important 

Before you start with the procedure, you’d want to prep your hands by using a hand scrub followed by a nail paint remover to take off the old nail polish (if any). After you’re done, wash off your hands properly. You’ve now cleaned and softened your hands, and prepped for the procedure!

Buffing is Key

If you’re a nail art fan, you will be aware of the importance of buffing in your nail routine. Not only does it get rid of the ridged and sharp edges, but also stimulates healthy nail growth. 

Using the buffing tool is not a piece of cake, but once you understand the basics, you’re surely going to ace the ritual.

  • Vigorous buffing will not help your outcome. In fact, you may break your nail or even hurt your inner skin if you exert a lot of pressure during buffing. Make sure you are gentle with the tools.
  • The grades of the buffing tool are quite important for proper coverage. Set the correct top for the best result. The one with the rough texture is usually used to shape the tips of the nails. Make sure you run the buffer in a single direction to achieve smooth nails without cracks.

Nail Polish Defines Your Look

Your nail paints can define your personality, period. Also, whatever color you pick for your nails, if the application is not correct, you’ll ruin the end result. You should always begin application from the centre of the nails and then move toward the edges.

Following the same pattern for the second coat, it will even out any rough texture that the first coat left.

Pro tip: if in hurry to dry your nail paint, dip it in cold water after application. This technique instantly solidifies the liquid.

Gel Nails Look Pristine

Gel polish is the forte of manicure. It adds a touch of professionality and perfection to your end result. After your nail paint application, add a top coat of gel on your nails and let it sit under UV light. You’ll surely see the difference in the before vs after as your nails will become shinier, smoother, and more robust. 

Pro tip: Gel coat makes nail polish removal a lot easier. In case you don’t have your removing tonic, you can pour alcohol on a cotton pad, rub it against your nails, and boom! Your nails will be fresh and renewed.


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