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Basic Skincare Tips for Men that All Men Need to Follow

Skincare or beauty for men is not something we often hear about. More often than not, men are shunned for not being ‘manly enough’ if they are caught using any beauty products or even basic skincare products. It has been an old notion that anything related to beauty is feminine and men indulging in any such acts is a blow to their masculinity.

However, with the evolution of the beauty industry alongside the mindset of people, skincare for men is getting the due attention that it deserves. The skin of men is fairly similar to a woman’s, hence, the basic steps are the same for both genders.

If you are a male and just starting out with skincare, no need to go overboard or feel overwhelmed because of the sheer number of products out there. Here are some basic tips for skin care for men, simple steps that everyone can follow.

Cleanse Your Face

Cleansing is a key step in any skincare routine. A simple cleanser or face wash does this job. The outside world is filled with dirt and pollution and God knows what. It is important to thoroughly wash your face every night to prevent all that dirt to remain in your pores overnight which leads to acne.

Also, lukewarm or cold water is what is best for the skin. Do not splash hot water on your face. 

Another big mistake that dudes make is not washing their faces after exercising. You need to remove all that sweat and bacteria from your face ASAP after any form of intense physical activity.


Moisturizing is something many of us are guilty of skipping. Yes, you need moisturizer even if you have oily skin. Using a moisturizer keeps the sebaceous glands in your skin from producing more oil on your face. A win for oily skins in the long term.

Chose a moisturizer according to your skin. A gel/water-based moisturizer is what you need if you have oily skin. For dry skin. look for a moisturizer with a thicker consistency.

Another important thing to understand is that your skincare- especially your moisturizer should change when the season changes. A thin moisturizer won’t be hydrating enough in the winters as it was in the summers.

Sunscreen for the Win

This is something everyone regardless of their gender, age and color should wear. While women are comparatively more consistent with their sunscreen men are notorious for not even owning a sunscreen.

Everyone needs sunscreen especially if you are habitual of spending a lot of time outdoors. No, you don’t have to apply sunscreen only on your face. Every exposed area of your body requires sunscreen. sunscreen protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun thereby protecting you from various skin diseases including cancer.

Unlike popular belief, skincare does not need to be lengthy. A few products that work for you will do the job. However, good skin does need one thing – consistency. 


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