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These are the Ingredients You Want in Your Shampoo (and Some You Don’t)

Shampoo runs the hair, just like carbs run your muscles. Your hair is a very sensitive part of your body and its health is highly dependent on the constituents of your shampoo. One wrong ingredient and nothing will save you from the damage. Hence, it is always sensible to purchase shampoo according to your hair type.

Your attention is required to the ingredients of your shampoo just the way it is mandatory with the nutrients in your diet. In this blog, we talk about the important ingredients that should be present in your shampoo, and a few compounds that you should avoid. 

Important Ingredients in Shampoo

1. Dimethicone

It was believed that due to its artificial synthesis, dimethicone is not safe for application on the skin and hair. However, studies have proved that due to its large molecular weight, it is easily absorbed by the skin and has many benefits on it. 

The presence of dimethicone in hair-care products can help the scalp prevent the absorption of other harmful chemicals in the products. It also plays a role in anchoring dry hair.

2. Citric acid

As per its nature, citric acid is very useful to balance the pH of the scalp. Usage of excessive products with tons of chemicals can affect the overall pH and due to this, your hair condition can deteriorate. Citric acid helps in lowering the pH and reducing fizziness. 

3. Cocamide MEA

Cocamide MEA is a fat-derived compound that originated from coconut oil that is used in shampoo and bathing. It serves the purpose of lathering the shampoo and maintains its consistency. It is one of the very important ingredients of shampoo, and due to its organic nature, it doesn’t harm the scalp.

4. Ethylene Glycol Diesterate 

Ethylene Glycol Diesterate is the ester of glycol and stearic acid that is naturally derived from plants and animal sources. This compound gives your shampoo its gel-like consistency and because of this, the application becomes easier.

With that ethylene glycol diesterate also acts as a conditioning agent for the scalp, reducing the tension caused by other chemicals.

Ingredients to Avoid in Shampoo

5. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a popular carcinogen that, when exposed to bare skin, can tend to cause leukemia. Many shampoos contain formaldehyde which dissolves in your scalp to damage your roots. 

Long-term and excessive exposure to formaldehyde can give rise to other severe complications like asthma and cancer. 

6. Fragrances and colors

The one thing that is completely useless in your shampoo is its fragrance and coloring. Many people will debate how can these components damage your hair. Well, the consumers are given very little knowledge about the chemicals used to develop that fragrance and color, which might be contagious to your scalp and hair. These chemicals can lead to many problems like irritation, never-ending dandruff, and asthma.


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