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Smudge-Proof Summer Makeup Routines for Humid Weather

Makeup and summer do not go hand in hand, especially if you live in a hot and humid country. Freshly applied makeup melting off your face right when you step a foot outside is not an experience to look forward to. Hence, many people resort to staying away from this indulgence during the hot weather. 

But why should you? It’s 2022, and although science hasn’t created an artificial shield from the summer sun yet (buckle up, tech!), the cosmetic industry has sure come out with formulas that will help your dolled-up face stay as it is throughout the day. 

Follow the steps below to achieve a fool-proof, long-lasting makeup during summer.

1. Skin Prep

Makeup is incomplete without proper skin prep. This step is crucial to give you a hydrated and smooth end result. 

Now, do not be afraid of the term ‘hydrated’ as being synonymous with ‘heavy’. The skin can be hydrated in summer with the use of facial mists and gel moisturizers – these will do the job without feeling greasy or clogging. 

Prime your face with a mattifying or oil-controlling primer if you’re prone to getting oilier than usual during the day. 

Pro Tip: Spritz your makeup setting spray after your skin prep to increase the longevity of the makeup.

2. Less is more

Do not apply layers upon layers of foundation and concealer on your face. The summer humidity does not favor large amounts of base makeup. 

Instead, keep your complexion as lightweight as possible. Skip the foundation, or resort to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream if you must. Hide any pigmentation using concealer for a youthful appearance and a comfortable feel. Follow with a spritz of your favorite setting spray, and blend everything to uniformity with a beauty blender. 

3. Creams before powders

This may feel counter-intuitive to the previous point, but hear me out.

Always layer products that impart color to your face. This means, applying a cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter before you go in with their powder variants. This will keep the color of your face alive throughout the day because powder or creams alone tend to disappear in a short time. 

Keep in mind to be light-handed with both the layers, as you won’t be needing much anyways. 

4. Set to perfection

A translucent loose powder shall save your makeup under the summer sun (or any sun, by the way).

Use a generous amount of powder under the eyes, on the T-zone, and anywhere you applied concealer. 

Brush the leftover powder lightly all over the face to set everything in place. 

5. Seal the deal

To take away the matte and powdery look off your face, spritz the setting spray one last time to melt the powders into the skin. This final step will seal all the products you applied in place, and make your skin look naturally flawless. 

The combination of all these steps will ensure budge-proof, fool-proof, and long-lasting makeup that will keep you fresh and glowing all day!


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