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It’s All About the Eyes: The Trendiest Ways to Highlight Your Eyes in 2022

I could have started this article by quoting the famous line, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” However, as true as it may be, I think the only reason that we all are accustomed to highlighting our eyes is due to the horrible Covid-19 pandemic.

Wearing a mask for a year and a half was no easy feat. But on the makeup front, where it gave us a bit more leverage on the face, it made us realize how eyes can drastically change our whole look. 

Statistics show that eye makeup products such as brow pencils, eyeliner, and mascara had increased in sales during the pandemic. The reason is apparent – eyes were the only visible component of our faces, hence, the need to groom them was only natural. 

However, the end (hopefully) of the pandemic has intrigued women to experiment more with their eyes. Also, the fact that clean, minimal, and naturally-radiant makeup is acquiring popularity now, eyes might be the only way of artistic expression. That is not to say that they need extreme glam to look beautiful – that can be attained by even the simplest of steps if done right. 

General Tips to Highlight Eyes

Use a Corrector and Brightening Concealer

The first step towards highlighted eyes is concealed eyes.

Your eyes will look prominent when the area around them is well-concealed, and slightly brightened.

Line the Upper & Lower Waterline

Never leave your upper and lower waterline bare. Run a black or brown eye pencil on both even on no-makeup days. It makes a huge difference by adding depth to your eyes. 

Tip: To make your eyes look wider and brighter, run a nude beige or white eye pencil on your lower waterline.

Apply Eyelashes or Ample Coats of Mascara

False eyelashes may seem unnecessary to some, but they can be absolute game-changers for your eyes. They make your eyes look doll-like and beautiful. 

If you aren’t fond of traditional fake lashes, you may opt for individual eyelashes and apply them only to the outer half of your eye for an effortless look. 

If none of the above, make sure that you coat your eyes with a good mascara at least. 

Highlight the Inner Corner and Brow Bone

Highlighting the elevated and inward areas of your face will make them pop, hence bringing attention to them. So do not shy away from putting on some highlighter near the tear duct, or decorating your brow bone with rhinestones!

Highlight Eyes with Makeup Trends

Some makeup trends have the power of turning all eyes on you.

Bold OR Graphic Eyeliner

An extended wing or a cat eyeliner. Graphic eyeliners in shades of neon and bright colors. All are ways to highlight the most beautiful feature of your face while staying on trend!

Cut Crease

The oldie but goldie, cutting the crease of your eyelids with a concealer to add a neutral shadow or shimmer, will always look glam!

Glossy Lids

Fancy a fashion editorial look for yourself? 

Go for glossy eyelids! They look uber chic, classy, and a whole new level of picturesque.

Smokey Eyes

The classic way of letting your eyes talk for themselves. One can never go wrong with a smokey eye look to stand apart from the crowd.

Pop of Neon

Neon colors are a trend that we love! Especially during the spring and summer seasons. It adds freshness and playfulness to the whole look.

We suggest keeping the neon color tiniest to get its full blow. Perhaps as an eyeliner, single eye shadow, or an inner corner highlight would work best for the purpose.

So ladies, let’s decorate the windows to our soul with methods of our own!


Graphic Eye Looks that will Rock Your World!


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