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What are Bleached Brows and Why Are They Trending?

Another day, another editorial inspired trend. 

Bleached brows have been lingering in the fashion industry for quite a while now, however, it has sparked interest in the beauty community just recently. 

What are Bleached Brows?

As the name suggests, bleached brows refer to eyebrow hair that is bleached to remove its color. The result? Blonde eyebrows. The effect? Wide forehead and barely-there eyebrows. Hence, more emphasis on the eyes and the skin

History of Bleached Brows

It would be apt to say here, as it is in most of the fashion and make-up trends, that history repeats itself.

Bleached brows were the trend of the 90s where famous celebrities either bleached their brows, like Linda Evangelista or made them so thin that they were nothing more than a curved black line. Both the looks departed a similar vibe – unique and bold. 

Why are Bleached Brows Trending in 2022?

It is quite an irony that bleached brows are trending in an era where eyebrows are made the holy grails of our faces. The one feature that can make or break the look. So why is it that the beauty community is now shifting towards eliminating or masking the said feature?

The answer: Creative Rebellion.

History testifies that after every stressful period (in this case, the pandemic), comes a bold trend that questions the norm.

For example, the pandemic also questioned the need to wear makeup daily. Was it really necessary to mask your faces with layers of coverage? This gave birth to more skin care practices and the shift towards natural, minimal makeup, or the freedom of going out with no makeup at all. 

The same applies to the bleached brow trend. Our faces should not be dependent on a single feature to determine their beauty. There is comforting freedom in accepting that not everything can be perfect – so why waste hours trying to do so? Instead, let’s make it a fashion statement, and turn the abnormal into the art of the bold. 

Celebrities Who Attempted the Bleached Brow Trend

Whether it be for professional commitments or personal statements – the bleached brow look rose in trend due to our beloved celebrities who did not shy away from the bold move. 

Celebrities who bleached their brows include:

  • Madonna during the promotion of her book “Sex”
  • Bella Hadid for Haider Aikerman in Fashion Week 2019
  • Kendell Jenner for Marc Jacobs runway 2016
  • Katy Perry for American Idol to represent Tinker Bell
  • Gigi Hadid in Fashion Week 2022
  • Kim Kardashian for a photoshoot
  • Lady Gaga at Saint Laurent Show 2016
  • Kristan Stewartt
  • Lizzo 
  • Emily Cheng, and many more. 

The list is huge, and we predict that it will get even larger during 2022. Perhaps, with famous fashion and beauty influencers hopping on the bandwagon too! Nevertheless, it would be a fun transition to witness this anti-beauty rebellion. 


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