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Lipstick, Blush, and Eyeshadow Colors that will Compliment Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Have you ever wondered why your makeup does not look as good as it does on others? Or do you feel like makeup does not suit your face or your features? Have you followed a makeup tutorial of your favorite Makeup Artist only to find that it did not reap the same results for you?

If you said yes to one or more of the above scenarios, we have just the right answer to your question(s).

The reason you are failing in applying makeup that looks good is that you might not be using colors that are meant for your skin tone. Let me elaborate.

All human beings have a skin tone and an undertone. And there are a specific set of colors that look flattering on every skin tone and undertone. 

A color that looks flattering on one skin tone might look completely dull on another. Hence, it is necessary to know the chemistry of your skin tone and undertone with colors. 

What is an Undertone and How Can I Know Mine?

The undertone of skin is referred to as the color beneath your skin. It is a hue that determines the overall appearance of your skin. 

There are 3 types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. 

Warm undertones are prominent when the skin appears to be yellow or golden. Whereas people with cool undertones have pinkish and bluish hues. A neutral undertone may have beige hues, which is the closest to your skin color.

One way to know your undertone is by checking the veins on your wrists in daylight. If your veins lean towards green, that means you have a warm undertone. If it leans towards blue or purple, that means cool. If it is a mixture of both – neutral is your answer.

What Colors Will Suit My Skin Tone & Undertone?

There are 4 types of skin tones – Light, Fair, Medium-Tan, and Deep. Below, we will discuss colors that flatter each one of the skin tones. 

But first, let me disclose one rule of thumb:

The most flattering colors on your face will be those that match the undertone of your skin. This means, if you have a cool undertone – cool colors – like grey, blue, purple, rosy pink, blue-based red – will compliment your skin tone, and vice versa. 

Makeup for Light Skin Tone

Light skinned-people often tend to look pale due to the lack of melanin in their skin. Therefore, to brighten up the skin – rosy pinks for cool, and light peach color for warm undertones look flattering.

Eyeshadow: Muted pinks and peach, taupe, light brown, champagne gold.

Blush: Rosy pink, peach, beige pink.

Lipstick: Pink, peach, nude brown.

Makeup for Fair Skin Tone

Although not as pale-looking as their former skin-toned peers, fair people also need to brighten their skin with the help of sheer pink, purple, coral, and peach colors.  

Eyeshadow: Pink, plum, peach, rose gold, neutral brown.

Blush: Coral, bright pink, pink-based brown.

Lipstick: Rosy pink, muted pink, peach, plum, rosy brown.

Makeup for Medium/Tan Skin Tone

In terms of makeup, I believe that medium skin toned people are the luckiest. They can experiment with a wide range of colors in all three categories of makeup. However, the most flattering colors on medium skin tone are dusty rose, apricot, soft berry, and mauve pink.

Eyeshadow: Brown, mauve, golden, berry, creamy beige.

Blush: Coral, dusty rose, nude pink, muted brown, berry wine.

Lipstick: Dusty rose, plum, nude brown, melon pink, mauve pink.

Makeup for Deep Skin Tone

Melanin rich women look stunning in dark and bright colors on their faces that make it pop. Colors like magenta purple, red-based brown, mauve-pink, and orange-red will look beautiful on deep skin.

Eyeshadow: Mauve, bronze, copper, dark brown, purple, red-orange.

Blush: Orange-red, purple, dark mauve, brown-red, bright pink.

Lipstick: Red, mauve-pink, brown, purple.

Were you able to find the right makeup match for your skin tone and undertone? 


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