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Must-Have Products for Summer 2022: Summer Essentials that will Make Your Life Easier 

We all love summer, don’t we? 

The transition from waiting all year round to swim in the ocean, wear comfy sundresses, overdose on mojitos, and flaunt that natural tan – to finally being able to do all this – is priceless. 

However, summer comes with a set of requirements that enable one to float through the season effortlessly and enjoy it to its max. The list below will ensure that you are well equipped with the essentials one needs daily during the warmer season. It includes everything from skincare to hair-care, makeup to clothing, and everything in between!

Dry Shampoo

For fresh hair every day without shampooing!

Washing your hair every day is unhealthy for the scalp. Our scalps tend to get oily within a day or two of hair wash. Hence, dry shampoo is essential to freshen up your hair and get rid of the greasy feeling without having to wash it.


For both fashion and optical health purposes, you should never skip on your tinted specs during summer.

Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the direct sun rays. Meanwhile, cool looks hurt nobody 🙂


For times when you are done with keeping your hair down in the heat, you would thank yourself that you carried a scrunchie along.

Facial Mist

You just cannot overdose on moisturizers during hot and humid weather. It will melt right off your face. However, keeping the skin hydrated and nourished should still be the priority.

Carry a facial mist in your purses at all times, and spray whenever you need a boost of hydration under the scorching sun. 

Pro-tip: Store the mist in your fridge for a soothing cold spritz!

Glowy Body Lotion/Oil

Wanna glow like a goddess? Slather a shimmery body lotion or oil on your shoulders, decolletage, and legs to shine brighter than the summer sun!

Loose Setting Powder

The key to longer-lasting makeup.

Use a generous helping of a translucent loose setting powder over your foundation and concealer, and let it sit for a while. Brush away and continue applying other powder products. This one step will ensure your makeup stays put instead of melting away. 

Water-resistant SPF 50+ Sunscreen

SPF is THE most important skincare product all your round. And when summer arrives, the importance of this potion should be doubled! 

Especially if you’re planning to go swimming in the pool or ocean, make sure you wear water-resistant sunscreen to keep you protected no matter what. 

Breezy Clothes

Make the most out of this season by giving your wardrobe an airy makeover. 

Only use clothes that are light-colored, breathable, and preferably flowy. If you’re planning to buy or make your clothes for summer, read this guide where we have listed the best fabrics for summer. 

Flip Flops

Easy to wear, cheap in price, ample airflow – what else do we need in summer footwear?


Do not shy away from this charming piece of apparel, because it sure looks uber chic. And just like sunglasses, hats work both as your skincare essential and fashion accessory. 

Water Bottle

Did you think we’re going to skip this one? No, not happening. 

Carry your water bottles wherever you go. And do not forget to drink from it, jeez.

Tote Bag

Where did you think you’ll put all the things mentioned above, huh?

You must grab a tote as big as your needs, baby girl.


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