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What are Peek-a-Boo Highlights, and Why are They Trending in 2022?

If there is one thing that every girl can relate to: our hair is our most prized possession. A good hair day automatically translates to a good day. We love experimenting with our hair trying all the styles in the world. Hair trends are just as important as makeup and fashion trends, and the newest trend in the ‘hair industry’ is peekaboo highlights.

At one point, hair dye only meant coloring the whole head from root to tip in a single color, this gradually evolved into bolder streaking and bleaching, and balayage. However, a lot of people don’t think you are professional if your hair is colored in a not-so-conventional color. Here is where the newest trend comes into action- “peekaboo highlights.”

What are Peekaboo Highlights?

As the name suggests, this technique applies highlight under your top layer of hair so that if you wear your hair down, the highlights are more-or-less hidden.

Peekaboo highlights are like your personal secret. Want to show the not-so-tame side of you, run your fingers through your hair so that your highlights come into view and let people get to know your bubbly personality.

These highlights are the newest trend as people are getting increasingly tired of traditional hair dying. No offense if you like them;  but if you are into something more contemporary and love hopping on a new trend, peekaboo highlights are made for you.

Choose Your Highlight

Peekaboo highlights offer a whole load of different styles.

Burgundy and red peekaboo highlights look great on brunettes. It adds just the right amount of wow-factor without being too dramatic. The epitome of shiny and luxurious.

Blondes can get their hair dyed pretty much any color without having to get bleach done. Hues of oranges and greens and pinks and reds look lovely with blonde tresses.

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? The rainbow spectrum of peekaboo highlights never fails to amaze us whether you are a brunette or a blonde.

Mermaid-inspired highlights are the newest trend in the hair world. These are dazzling and ethereal and leave us wanting more.

Golden highlights have been a cult favorite forever. If there is something better than the normal golden highlights, it’s peekaboo golden highlights. Low maintenance and looks amazing, you’ll keep going back to this one.

What better way to give dimension to your hair than add blonde highlights to brown hair and vice versa. Not very dramatic and perfect for people who love subtle glam.

Fiery red hair never goes out of style. Copper and muted red highlights are a classic fashion staple that can probably never go out of style. Testament to the bold and beautiful look.

How can we forget the oh-so-famous grey highlights which took the internet by storm?  The combination of grey and black has forever been timeless; more so on hair. Looks fun and chic. The best part- women of all ages can slay these!

These were some classic peekaboo highlight ideas. However, there is no stop to creativity with this trend. Let your inner artist decide the kind of hair it like and go with it. The best part- not everyone gets to see what lies under the top layer of your hair!


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