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How to Cut Your Own Bangs

I think that months of Covid-19 isolation have given us all a newfound daring. From trying out new recipes to doing artistic makeup looks, from having beer for breakfasts to eggs for dinner – life got as spontaneous as our imaginations.

For the same reasons, a thought that would seem intimidating and wild for most of our lives doesn’t seem so absurd anymore. Such as cutting your own bangs. Something that was best left to professionals, is easily achievable at home, too, with a little prep and care (not to forget the $$ it saves!)

Let’s see how the process goes, shall we?

Tools You’ll Need

First things first – you don’t want to dive into any new territory without proper supplies. Gather the things mentioned below to achieve a near-professional cut.

  • Scissors
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Hair clips or hair tie
  • Straightener

Hair Prep

Unlike usual cutting or trimming, experts recommend cutting the bangs dry instead of wet. The reason is that wet hair stretches and looks longer than its actual length. Therefore, to avoid cutting bangs shorter than intended, it is best to keep your hair dry.

We recommend tying up your hair like you usually would from the back so that you know how the bangs will look on the daily.

Method and Technique

  1. Section your hair by pulling a part of your hair into the front of your face such that it forms a triangle on the front of your head.
  2. Tie or clip the hair on the back so that they stay out of your face.
  3. We recommend straightening the hair parted for bangs with a hair straightener for a more calculated result.
  4. Split the parted hair into two for ease.
  5. Use the fine-toothed comb and hold it where you intend to cut your bangs. Always keep some extra length for precautionary measures (these can be chopped off later through finishing cuts, if all goes well).
  6. Use your shears to place vertical cuts below the comb. Straight across cuts tend to leave blunt edge and denser hair, leaving little to no room for correcting errors, which we want to avoid. Vertical cuts, also known as point cutting, will add bounce and softness to your hair.
  7. Once you have reached the desired length and look, repeat the same on the other side of the split.
  8. Combine both sides of your bangs together and run a comb through it. Point cut around the targeted edges if the hair seems uneven.
  9. Use a round brush and roll your hair for a fluffy, voluminous result. Or straighten them once again if you prefer to style that way.

Voila, you did it! Check these chic hairstyles to style with your freshly cut bangs.

That was one daring act, but we’re sure you loved the process and would enjoy the end results too. If not, it’s just hair – it will grow back sooner than you know, leaving you with fun memories to share with friends, family, and your grandchildren in the future!


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