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You Must Try These Makeup Trends Hot from Tik Tok

The Bible for the latest trends, Tik Tok, never disappoints with its trends. Even if they do not work for us, at least they are entertaining to watch.

Just when you think you are over a certain trend, a dozen new trends come up. It’s hard to keep up with viral hacks and products. Therefore, we have compiled the most useful and/or fun to try makeup trends from Tik Tok in this article to save you some precious time. 

Must-Try Makeup Hacks from Tik Tok

Soap Brows

Fancy those feathery, editorial eyebrows that won’t lose their shape as the day progresses? Then this hack is for you.

In this hack, people use clear soap to separate and set their brows. Many people swear by this hack because surprisingly enough, a clear soap works amazingly well to create fool-proof brows. 

Emoji Makeup

A fun and colorful makeup trend that will challenge your creativity!

Emoji makeup really does show how good someone is in their art (face art, to be precise). This makeup takes inspiration from (you guessed it right) ‘emojis’. Makeup artists choose a few of their favourite emojis – mostly an animal, flower, or scenery – and then recreate them on their faces. While some people go basic with their recreations, others truly dig into their passion for makeup to come up with extremely beautiful renditions. 

Half-n-Half Makeup

Want a trip down the memory lane? Try this!

This trend features makeup from two different eras. Women divide their faces by drawing a line down the centre of their face and then do makeup as they used to a few years back, say in 2017, vs. how they do it now in 2022. Safe to say, this trend discloses some funny and embarrassing fronts (that we used to adore) from the past. 

Repurposing Lipsticks

In today’s episode of multi-tasking with makeup, we have lipsticks – the queen of multi-tasking products.

Tik Tok taught us more than one way to use red, pink, or orange lipstick. It showed us how the colors of the lipsticks can be sheered out to use as a color corrector on hyperpigmentation, or as a cream blush for the cheeks. The best part? The lipstick succeeds in serving those purposes too!

Glossy Lips

Finally, we are out of the matte liquid lipstick era.

Glossy lips are all the rage now – and we aren’t complaining! It is one of those makeup trends from tik tok that everybody can flaunt. Your lips look healthy and plump, while you look radiant yet chic.

Purple Blush

We bet you are unaware of the power of a purple blush!

Do not shy away from using a purple blush, nor get intimidated by the vibrant color in the pan. The purple blush looks flattering and doll-like on the cheeks. It imparts the most beautiful, soft lavender hue on the face. Must try.

Try these makeup hacks and thank us later. We’ll be back with more soon!


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