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Summer Wear Guide: 5 Best Fabrics for Summer Clothes 

Summer seems like a blessing after the gloomy and cold winter months. However, for those of us who live in a hot and humid climate – summer is the only season we get to experience the majority of the year. 

The dread for this season can be changed into excitement when one is equipped with necessities that make summers bearable. To not feel like ripping off your clothes during this hot climate is an achievement in itself. Therefore, to keep you prepared for the upcoming months – we have compiled a list of fabrics to look for when shopping for summer wear. 

1. Cotton

The all-rounder fabric!

Cotton can be worn all year round, but its comfortable feel is most noticeable during the hot weather. It is lightweight and breathable – i.e., its weave allows air to circulate throughout the fabric, keeping the wearer cool amidst the humidity. 

Note: Cotton tends to shrink after the first wash. To avoid this from happening, let it air dry under the sun instead of wringing it in the dryer.

2. Lawn

The sweet spot between cotton and linen, lawn is another ideal fabric for summer.

It is soft and silky to the touch and drapes well over the body. The fact that this material is available in multiple bright and vibrant designs makes lawn a perfect fabric for long summer dresses. 

3. Linen

Make clothes out of it or bedsheets – linen is a versatile fabric that sells like hot cakes in hot and humid countries. 

When you feel raw linen in your hands, it might seem hard and rough to the touch, but do not give up on it just yet! Linen is the kind of fabric that softens with every wash. It absorbs water like a charm and does not cling to your skin no matter how drenched in sweat you are. 

4. Seersucker

This textured fabric will give your personality an edge without suffocating it.

Seersucker is a cotton-based fabric. It has a wrinkled texture and puckered surface which keeps it slightly elevated from the skin, making airflow easier. 

Unlike other fabrics on the list, seersucker is a stiff material which makes it a great option for suits, blouses, shirts, dresses, and beachwear. 

5. Chiffon

Drapes like a veil, and looks like a dream. Chiffon should be the number one choice when looking for formal dresses in summer.

It is a sheer fabric and therefore extremely lightweight. Although it does not absorb sweat, its flowy nature allows ample air to pass throughout the body, hence keeping you dry. The style it imparts is just an added bonus! *wink*

So, summer doesn’t feel that bad anymore, does it?


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