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Graphic Eye Looks that will Rock Your World!

Graphic eyes have been glamorizing the beauty world as early as the 19th century. While recently people were shifting towards more subtle eye looks, the bold and graphic eyes are back again in trend, and we love it!

The creative freedom you can practice with your eyes is unlimited. One can do wonders with something as simple as an eyeliner. Graphic eye looks are chic, intriguing and can tantalize any look.

Here are some really fun graphic eye makeovers that you can try and get heads turning towards you.

1. Eye of a beach

Bring all those summery beach vibes to your eyes with this eye look. Go for a smoky winged eyeliner; make sure to smoke out the lower lid as well generously. Add a dark black-blue shade in the crease. Apply a bright yellow or a sandy hue on the lid and add a bright blue in the inner corner. Looks so different and so unique.

Combine different colors with the same technique, and who knows; you may end up with a sunset look next.

2. Old school but always new

Graphic eyeliner is the holy grail of visual eye looks. There is so much you can do with a simple eyeliner. From a simple winged eyeliner to a full-blown abstract design, an eyeliner never fails us. Eyeliner experiments are so fun and give you a new look every time. Draw on a classic cat-eye and then extend into the curve following your crease. If you are not comfortable enough with an abstract eyeliner but want to try something new, you can apply a classic winged liner and then add a flick or a small wing on the lower lash line. Looks impressive, yet it isn’t that dramatic.

Colored eyeliner, especially neon colors, looks stunning and can amp up any look.

3. Artsy and fantabulous

Art has no boundaries, so why shy away from bringing out your inner artist when it comes to eye makeup? Flowers and sparkles along the crease give a whole new dimension to the look. Small designs in the inner corner add a wow effect unmatched by anything. Patterns on the outer corner growing along your cheekbone is nothing less than extraordinary. Experiment with colors, shades, designs, and products, you’ll be surprised with what you end up producing!

4. Glitter for the win

One can never go wrong with shine and shimmer on lids. Glitter is one of the most versatile makeup products out there. Create a glitzy, glittery, glamorous eye look with various colors, glitters, and gemstones. Pair it with nude lips or if you are feeling bold enough, throw on a bold (maybe glittery) lip, and the night is yours!

Eyes are windows to the soul, so make sure you decorate your windows well! There is so much that you can try on your eyes. From jet black abstract eyeliner details to a subtle shimmery shadow, from a classic smoky eye to a neon beauty, there is no limit to eye makeup looks!


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