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The Most Important Visual Elements any Bride Should Consider Before Walking Down the Aisle

On your big day, you are the showstopper of the most glamorous and splendid event which you might have been planning your whole life. After all, we do call it your “big day” for a reason. When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, all the eyes of your guests will be locked up on you. The nervousness will be visible on your face only if you are not mindful of the things happening around you.

Today, we’re here to give you some tips on those tiniest details of your special day which you may forget to pay attention to. Let’s make your walk memorable and perfect by discussing the essential elements to think about before walking down the aisle.

1. Holding Your Bouquet

Most brides repeat the same mistake by holding the bouquet tightly and just above the waist. This act not only covers up your beautiful wedding dress but also make you look stiff. So, always keep it low and hold it gently.

2. Interweave Your Arms

If you are planning to walk down the aisle along with your father or brother or whoever will be giving you away, join your arms with them. They should be the one holding you up the entire walk to make it look as graceful as possible.

3. Keep Your Back Straight

We all know that you don’t want to curse yourself while going through your wedding pictures. This is a guarantee if you walk down the aisle with your back bent forward or slumped. So, start practicing your posture now by pulling you shoulders back. Walking with your head high, your shoulders low, and your back straight is pivotal.

4. Smile

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear” and we believe in this whole-heartedly. You should keep smiling before and after walking down the aisle. After all, it is the day you have been waiting for your whole life!

5. Be Aware of Your Dress

Before walking down the aisle, keep in mind the length and style of your wedding dress and take steps accordingly to avoid stepping on your dress. When you take a step, wait until the dress hits your ankle before continuing to ensure it does not stuck on your heels.

6. Keep Your Speed Normal

We know that you might be excited for your walk, but hold on! There is no need to rush and mess up one of the most delightful moments of your life. Walk down the aisle at a low pace so that it doesn’t feel awkward to the guests.       

7. Acknowledge Your Guests

Don’t forget that all the guests are there to see you and admire your beauty. You should have a glance on your guest’s faces to make them feel welcomed by the bride herself.

8. Stay Away from Your Phone All Day

Enjoy life for once! Put away your phone to make sure you don’t miss out on the most cherished and cheerful moments of your life. Before and after the event, it may be a good idea to pass your phone over to your maid of honor to have her monitor texts just in case someone is lost or there is an issue. But this shouldn’t be on your for your big day. It should be given over to someone you trust.


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