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From Classic to Vibrant: These Hair Colors are Trending in 2022

It’s been a stigma in the fashion industry for decades where most women have only felt comfortable dying their hair in a limited number of “socially-approved” colors. It’s like women have been bound to go with the flow and apply multiple shades of brown without making any difference or really standing out in a crowd.

But now the times have changed and you are acceptably free to color your hair with vibrant and catchy colors to add life to your days. The world has evolved past just a few acceptable hair colors with the mainstream acceptance of rainbow hair. In today’s article you will discover the new hair color trends that are sure to help you stand out in 2022.

1. Cool Copper

the prettiest strawberry blonde hair colors for summer
Photo By @chiriac.ionela/Instagram

If your New Year’s resolution consists of being bold and beautiful at the same time, then a golden copper color is for you. A red toned blend with yellow sparks added to your hair will set the stage on fire in daylight.

2. Flaxen Gold

To make your personality exceptional in a crowd of ordinary people, dye your hair a bright blonde and shine like a star walking on the red carpet. Because, as they say, you are worth it baby.

3. Reddish Brown

You might be thinking that this is similar to the golden copper color mentioned above, but this color actually gives that rich red shade to your hair which perfectly complements your over all look for winter. If your skin color is medium to dark, then it is made for you.

4. Bright Blonde


This is for anyone who wants to keep the roots of their hair natural color while still adding brightness of yellow to the bottom. If you have dark blonde or light brown hair naturally, think about just adding a spray of small highlights across your full head of hair for a brighter look. You can carry it in every season of the year without getting out of the league of fashion and trends, and you can shift the color of blonde depending on the season. It looks great on people with fair skin tones. 

5. Multi-Toned Blonde

We know that a full blonde head of hair does not suit every skin tone, so to make it simple and sophisticated, try the multi-toned blonde trend. It is a mixture of dull and bright colors which blend perfectly to give your hair that beachy vibe. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, add highlights in vibrant colors to stand out amongst your blonde tones.

6. Blueberry

If you don’t like your dark black hair, have no fear! You can dye your hair “blueberry”. It will give the texture of a dark purple color, and you can easily get rid of the same conventional look without any regret. It’s a way to add a quick peak of color without overdoing it. And, since “very peri” is the color of the year, the purple finish is the ideal color choice. Or, if you have light hair, think about sticking with the classic “very peri.”

7. Pink

brighten up your style for summer with pink hair colors
Photo By @heffyx/Instagram

Pink has been a favorite color of many since the beginning of time. At one time, pink used to be a rebellious color to dye your hair. During the pandemic, “millennial pink” or “quarantine pink” became the colors of choice. So, why can’t it be your go-to hair color in 2022? Hot pink color will give that wild look which you have admired your whole life. It’s the time to rock and roll, my girls.

8. Rich Brown

This is also known as the ‘expensive brunette’ look, as it lifts up your look from low maintenance to high. It gives you that multidimensional style which never fades. It makes your hair look soft like cream and more beautiful than it ever has before.


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