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Nadja Atwal Is The Sexiest Power Woman Of All Time

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VIVA GLAM Magazine named Nadja Atwal the sexiest power woman of all time. She’s bold, sexy, fearless, and knows how to get things done. We sat down with Nadja to discuss her strengths and interests.

Our magazine named you “The Sexiest Power Woman Of All Time.”
What are your thoughts?

Several… First: What an honor – because I adore the entire concept of your magazine. Second: Wow! My husband agrees. Third: I wish I had more power to make things better for more people.

Kindly blow your own horn, please and tell us what do you think makes you a sexy stand-out power woman.

The funny thing is, I’m generally not attracted to power even. The only reason I ended up in a position of leadership is because things have never moved fast enough for me, so I felt I had to do them myself. No one in my family is famous or has any connection to the media business. So, like most people, I had to build things on my own and tried doing that with creativity, persistence and charm – never with elbows though. There are very few things I shy away from. I’m a classical trained singer and musician, so a few years ago I released a dance song under an artist name that did quite well. This year I went to the drawing board and released a tunic design for an established label. (As a kid, I always designed and sewed my own clothes, and I immensely enjoyed reconnecting with that old passion of mine. One article wrote about me “Jack of all trades – master of several”. I don’t think I am a master of several, but I do several things just well enough, I guess.


Photos shot by Victoria Janashvili / in the amazing Marseille restaurant in New York / / Styling: Lila Shlyapkina / Hair and Makeup: Enid Seymore

On the physical side, I once won a national model contest and usually once you dipped your feet in that pool of vanity called fashion business, a good dosage of vanity always stays with you. My husband loves to make fun of me for that, and I am sure he is right in doing so. I cut and color my hair usually myself. I do my own nails- the point is, I make sure it gets done and I always look presentable. Sexiness has a lot to do with a vibe and that starts with a mindset. I generally feel comfortable with who I am and most importantly appreciate each day being healthy, having a healthy family. I take nothing for granted. People tell me I exude happiness and a strong zest for life. I love hearing that cause that is how I feel indeed. Happy, confident people are automatically perceived as a bit sexier, no matter what they look like…

What makes you laugh?

The wedding section in the NY Times on Sundays feeds my sarcastic sense of humor. Otherwise, my barely 1 year-old son is my favorite comedian any day of the week. Ricky Gervais and Robin Williams on stage. Classic comedy shows on TV such as Golden Girls or The Odd Couple. Occasionally Comedy Central, if it’s a good roast, or Jon Stewart.

It’s James Bond season. Interested? And if yes: who is your favorite James Bond and favorite Bond-girl of all time and why?

I love watching James Bond films. Already the style aspect matters – it has become a rare pleasure to see men in nice suits in movies these days. My favorite Bond by far is Roger Moore – he was not just handsome but gave Bond that funny, campy charm. So Moore closely followed by Daniel Craig who has a star charisma and a raw elegance, if that is a term that even makes sense…well, in my mind it does. Best Bond Girl ever is Maud Adams. I guess that is why she is the only one who appeared in three of the Bond films; gorgeous face, elegant, a real lady, and not just a girl.

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